Prevention Funding

Application for a Scottish Illegal Money Lending Unit grant

The Scottish Illegal Money Lending Unit (SIMLU) supports a grants programme that seeks to enable organisations to deliver activities that are likely to contribute to a reduction in the long-term use of illegal money lenders.

The aim of these projects is to support those most at risk of resorting to using an illegal money lender in Scotland. Projects are encouraged to take an innovative approach to reducing people’s risk of borrowing from illegal lenders. This can include (but is not exclusive to);

• Improving their Financial Capability
• Income Maximisation
• Raise Awareness of Illegal Money Lending
• General Support and Guidance

There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be applied for, and bids will be assessed against the aim of the fund. Successful organisations will be required to submit quarterly progress reports in an agreed format. Funding will be provided for one year.

All projects are independently evaluated, and the results are presented to the Trading Standards Scotland Governance Board and the COSLA Communities Board with best practice shared with partners to assist in the aim of reducing the use of illegal money lenders.

If you wish to discuss to discuss the fund, please get in touch with John Pollock on 0131 474 9248 or email

To apply for funding please complete the short form below or via this link.